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This DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Will Bring Seasonal Spirit to Any Dinner Table

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Thanksgiving is going to look a bit different this year, but as much as it may change from your usual celebrations, there are just certain aspects that you’d prefer to keep closer to normal than not. Even though you might not be able to have the same number of familiar faces gathered around your table in 2020, you’re still itching to go all out and decorate to the nines for this festive occasion.

As we all well-know, Thanksgiving decorations start with a showstopping, head-turning centerpiece. While you might be limited to impressing your immediate family or those inside your quarantine bubble, it’s not time to cut corners with one of the most important elements of your Turkey Day decoration plans. Keep it bright, seasonal, and unapologetically floral with this DIY project for an Autumn-Inspired Thanksgiving Centerpiece!


• Simple wood crate or basket
• 3 small, round plastic containers
• Fresh plant cuttings, like leaves, flowers, or berries
• Pinecones
• Spanish or mixed moss


1. Gather your vessels. – Purchase small wood crates or make your own easily. Add 3 small, round plastic containers to the crate that are the same height or a little shorter. Pour water into each before arranging your florals and so forth.

2. Choose a mixture of foliage. – In the fall season, we can find such beautiful colorful leaves and berries. So, it’s easy to arrange your selection of fresh-cut flowers, leaves, and berries in a cohesive, yet beautiful way that will exude the autumn season

3. Add your final touches. – Now, it’s time to add dried elements, such as twigs, seed heads, moss, and pinecones. Take a walk in nature, and you will find lots of treasures to use in your table centerpiece!

It’s always exciting to spice up your daily routine with something new! That’s why Oxford at Tech Ridge Apartments in Austin, Texas encourages you to try out our weekly recipes, crafts, and lifestyle tips.

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