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Prepare Yourself for the Outdoors with These Natural Mosquito Repellents

Not everyone wants to load up on synthetic mosquito repellents during the summer. Whatever the reason may be, natural repellents can be just as effective in protecting yourself against mosquito bites. Not to mention, natural repellents are less toxic to the environment and the humans that use them.

How do natural repellents work, exactly? Well, they keep mosquitoes away with their ability to block a mosquito’s sense of smell, making it harder to land on a human to feed. Pretty cool, huh? If you’re not sure which one will work best for you, check out our list below!

• Citronella- Perhaps the most popular of natural mosquito repellents, citronella is most commonly purchased in candle form. Although you can also use citronella essential oil directly on your skin, it evaporates quickly and can only be effective for a short amount of time. Don’t forget—large amounts can also cause irritation.

• Lemon eucalyptus- This type of essential oil contains 85 percent citronellal, making it a great natural repellant. The findings in both field and lab studies show that the lemon eucalyptus oil can effectively protect humans against several species of malaria-carrying mosquitos, as well as the yellow fever mosquito.

• Clove- During a recent study, researchers mixed clove essential oil with either an olive or coconut oil base, and volunteers applied these mixtures topically to their skin. The clove mixture was found to protect humans against yellow fever mosquitos for up to 96 minutes, or upwards of an hour-and-a-half.

• Peppermint- Like clove essential oil, peppermint oil can be used as another natural way to repel mosquitos. Studies have confirmed that it was effective against mosquito larvae and provided 100 percent protect against bites from yellow fever mosquitos for 150 minutes, or two-and-a-half hours. Wow, now that is impressive!

By using one of the natural mosquito repellents during the summertime, you’ll be protecting your skin from the harmful bites of many types of mosquitos, attracted to you based on scent, light, heat, and humidity. Despite the odds, no one wants to deal with itchy, bumpy skin. Protect yourself and the environment with a more natural approach to mosquito bites.

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