3 Ways to Unwind and Decompress After a Particularly Stressful Day

Stress is something that happens to everyone. Maybe, you’ve had a rough day, or perhaps you’ve had a tough time for the past several weeks. Either way, it’s important to eliminate stress as it comes, if you want to feel better, regain motivation, and restore your energy. Here are a few simple ways to do so:

First, be sure to avoid thinking about work.

If work stressors have you down, you’ll want to avoid overanalyzing your work life when you’re trying to calm down. Sure, this might sound like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised to learn how hard it can be to disengage after work, once you try it for yourself. Unless you're required to, resist the urge to check or respond to work emails. Remember that the work will still be there the next day. Refocus your attention on your home life and fill your time with an activity that gets your mind off your stress.

Try deep breathing techniques.

Deep breathing can be very calming and therapeutic. Studies show that deep breathing can calm symptoms of stress and anxiety while lowering your heart rate. Best of all, deep breathing is one exercise that is absolutely free to do and can be done anywhere, at any time. Simply breathe in slowly through your nostrils to the count of four. Hold in your breath to the count of four, before exhaling slowly to a count of four, either through your nostrils or through pursed lips. Repeat as needed.

Spend some time outside.

Stressed out? Get outside! Immersing yourself in a natural landscape – or simply escaping your apartment for an hour to sit outside – can work wonders against stress. Watch the sunset, meet up with a friend outdoors, or simply set aside a half-hour before or after dinner to sit outside, enjoy a refreshing drink and reflect on your day. You can also exercise, which also relieves stress and can be even more effective when completed outside.

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