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Artists Need Your Help During COVID-19 –Here Is What You Can Do

There is no denying that everyone is struggling right now. It’s a pandemic, after all –an event that none of us have experienced within our lifetimes. In fact, 96 percent of American survey respondents recently relayed that their life has been changed in some way due to COVID-19. We will always have its obstacles, however. Even though they can seem insurmountable at times, usually things will work out one way or another. Why? Well, people have a particular way of coming together during times of hardship.

If you’re looking for ways to support others right now, artists and creative freelancers, who are particularly struggling, maybe a good place to start. But, how can you support someone, when you’re maintaining social distance? Luckily, the management team at Oxford at Tech Ridge Apartments has put together a helpful list of actions you can take to support and check-in on your artist friends and favorites during this tough and trying time!

• Buy artwork directly from an artist you want to support online.

• Set-up a commission with one of your favorite artists.

• Participate in an online class with the artist.

• Attend virtual exhibits and openings when possible.

• Share fundraisers and other resources for artists on your social media channels and inner circles.

• Donate to an arts organization, venue, or business.

Our apartment community knows that a lot of people are going through a tough time – so, don’t feel pressured to engage in any suggestions that aren’t comfortable for you financially! Support can be as simple as sharing a new piece, graphic, or purchasable item from the artist to your Instagram Stories!

At Oxford at Tech Ridge Apartments in Austin, Texas, it is clear that we have it all, but we still feel obliged to inform you of essential information. We encourage you to stay up to date with our blogs so that you don’t miss out on upcoming events, new recipes, or day-to-day tips.

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