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Did You Know That There Is a Proper Way to Burn a Candle? Here Is How, According to Experts

Did you realize that inconsistent candle burning is relatively common among even the most seasoned candle connoisseurs? Experts – yes, those exist within the candle burning world – believe that many people are making a common candle-burning faux pas, but there are a few tips out there that will help the candle in your apartment home look better and last longer. In fact, The National Candle Association, more importantly, notes that candles are an open flame, and you should always follow proper fire safety protocols while you're burning them. Here are 4 tips to expertly burn your candles at home:

Burn the Top Layer Completely

Your candle has a "memory" each time it burns, and the way you burn your candle the first time will actually dictate how it behaves for the rest of its “life.” To burn your candle properly, you're going to want to keep it lit until the top layer of wax is melted all the way to the perimeter of the vessel. If you blow it out prematurely, or before the wax melts all the way to the edge, you'll create a memory ring. As long as you let the top layer burn completely, you'll avoid this and have a much better-looking candle.

Extinguish With a Candle Snuffer

Let’s face it: most of us blow out our candle when we’re ready to extinguish it. Blowing out candles is, unfortunately, not the ideal way to go. Blowing out candles will bury the wick in the wax and make it difficult to relight the candle the next time you decide to use it. So, might we suggest something a bit more old school – and dare we say, classy? Ideally, you should use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. You can get one online or at any home goods store, starting at a mere ten bucks!

Use a Wick Trimmer

Now that you know how to put the flame out, the next step is to use a wick trimmer and maintain a clean, even burn throughout the lifetime of your candle. Lighting an untrimmed wick will cause the candle to crackle and release soot into the air around your candle vessel. This is what causes the big black rings you’ll sometimes see around the rims of candle containers. To avoid, simply use the wick trimmer like regular scissors. They are angled, so you can lower the trimmer into the candle vessel as your candle burns down.

Stop Burning Before the Bottom

It's tempting to want to get every single minute out of your candle, but you shouldn't let the wax burn to the very bottom. Always stop burning your candle when about one-fourth to one-half of an inch of wax remains to prevent your candle vessel from overheating. Once you get to that point, don't toss your item just yet because you can repurpose it. Just follow a few easy tricks online to get the wax out of your jar, and use the container to hold your home office desk supplies or to keep your hair accessories together.

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