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5 Factors You Should Consider Before Owning a Cat

Have cat people in your circle of family and friends? You’ve probably noticed that their feline companions mean the world to them, that there’s no situation where they’ll ever give up their cats.

You might also think that if they’re happy with their four-legged friends, why shouldn’t you be too?

Owning a cat is less simple than it sounds. While cats don’t need to go on walks as dogs do, they still require just as much time, attention, and devotion.

To help you decide whether having a cat is a great option, we listed five things you have to consider before bringing one into your apartment.


It’s a widely known fact that cats pretty much take care of themselves. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to devote some time to their needs. That also doesn’t mean you can leave a cat alone for long periods.

Before adopting a cat, you have to take a step back and figure out whether your lifestyle allows for a pet.

If you juggle several jobs, live alone, and often go out of town for several days, having a cat might not be a good option. But if you have a regular job and a roommate who’s fine with sharing the responsibility of caring for a cat, by all means, go for it.


Pets are for life. Some cats live for 12 years, while others can be with you for up to 20 years.

That said, you have to be ready to provide for your cat for years to come.

Apart from cat food, toys, litter, and other supplies, you’ll need to take yours to regular visits to the vet. You’ll also have to factor in the costs of spaying or neutering and vaccines, among others.


Before deciding to get a cat, you have to be ready to clean your apartment regularly.

Can you handle litter boxes? Can you fit the chore of cleaning cat bowls and toys into your daily schedule? Are you prepared to commit to over 10 years of cleaning up hairballs?

Besides that, you have to regularly remove cat hair from your pillows and furniture–whether you get a long-haired breed or a short-haired one. Remember: cat fur is going to be everywhere.


Again, cats are fairly low maintenance. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves and keeping themselves clean.

On top of that though, you’ll have to do your part in grooming your cat.

To minimize hairballs, you’ll need to brush your pet every other day. And to keep its paws in good condition, you should trim its nails regularly and provide it with a scratch post.

People You Live With

By this point, you might already know that you aren’t allergic to cats. But is that the same case with your roommate or partner?

Besides ensuring that the people you live with don’t have cat allergies, you have to ask them whether they completely agree with your decision.

If you have a newborn baby or a toddler who has yet to learn to be gentle, you might want to put off getting a cat.

And if you have other pets, make sure you introduce them to your new cat slowly and carefully. That way, your pets can easily get used to each other and get along.

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