Try These Three Alternatives to Yoga If Your Fitness Routine Is Too Bland

Mind-body workout routines have been around since ancient times. In fact, they are one of the most popular forms of working out nowadays. While the most common is yoga, we realize that this form of fitness is not for everyone. If you consider yourself to be less enthused about yoga, check out these viable alternatives below.


Qigong is a holistic form or system of exercises that blend body movement and posture, meditation, and breathing. It is composed of movements that help stretch the body, build a kind of awareness about how the body moves, and also increase the movement of various fluids in the body such as lymph, blood, and synovial.


Pilates is often referred to as “yoga’s more athletic cousin.” The main focus and emphasis of Pilates are on enhancing the connection of the mind and body, reducing stress and tension, and linking the breath with a lot of bodily movement. It contains similar poses to yoga and varies in intensity and range. The best part is that it is not restricted to specific parts of the body.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise that embraces the body, spirit, and mind. Like Qigong, the roots of Tai Chi also lie in ancient Chinese culture, where it was initially developed for self-defense. Today, it involves a series of movements and techniques that are carried out in a very slow, systematic manner and coupled with deep, rhythmic breathing.

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