Summer Tips for Pet Owners

As the temperature heats up, you are probably looking for good ways to stay cool. Don’t forget that your pet may need some relief from the heat as well. These tips share some great ways to make sure your pets are healthy and happy this summer. 
Don’t ever leave your dog or cat in your car. Even parked in the shade, temperatures inside can reach over 120 degrees in just a matter of minutes. 
Keep plant food, fertilizer, and other garden chemicals away from your animals. Make sure that whatever you use on your lawn and garden will not harm your pets if ingested. 
Keep a collar and identification tags on your pets. A lost pet is harder to reunite with its owners if there are no clues on the collar. 
Exercise with care during hot weather. Older dogs, short-nosed dogs, and those with thick coats can have trouble dealing with extremely hot weather. Limit exercise to the cooler hours of early morning or late evening. 
Watch out for hot asphalt. The sensitive pads of a dog’s feet can get burned from running on hot surfaces. 
At Oxford at Tech Ridge Apartments in Austin, Texas, we believe it’s important to live life vigorously. In order to do so, you must educate yourself regularly with lifestyle-enhancing tips such as these.

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